We will Help you to

Digitise your public services

We can help you automate 98% of your human operations and save up to 40% of the associated costs by replacing pen-and-paper and legacy systems. You will recoup valuable time and resources on tasks like manual data input and postal services while the public sector benefits from 24/7 service availability.

Enable seamless uptake of services

We’ll work with you to integrate government software solutions that make for seamless adoption – with maximum benefit to your users. Simple UI will boost uptake, both internally and externally, making your request processing capacity up to 50 times more efficient.

Create a frictionless agency

Integrating ELEKS’ digital solutions at the core of your government agency can help you view the bigger picture presented by data, in real time, instead of working from stats. Ultimately, this means that you can realise your policy goals far faster.

Defend against cyber crime

We’ll employ advanced security tools and testing strategies to make sure your sensitive data is fully protected. So you can focus your efforts on providing better public services, with minimal threat of cyber-attacks and fraud.

Unify and maximise your data

Our scalable advanced data protection and cyber-security solutions allow you to store public data safely. We’ll help you apply data analytics and machine learning, to build robust government software solutions that turn insights into smarter planning and strategy.